Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I Blog and Tweet About

I’ve picked up quite a few followers recently on Twitter so I thought I’d take a minute to share with you what I blog about (inconsistently) and tweet about (more regularly). There are four major topics which I could post something about.

The first topic is business and more specifically, my job. Currently, I am the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SEP Connect, a start-up in the search engine marketing space. We created a category all our own – search engine placement. We place local businesses on the front page of Google in 45 days or less or they don’t pay. Helping small, local businesses is our passion. We accomplish this through our proprietary technology platform utilizing a relevant content based approach. A lot of people confuse us with SEO or ask us how we are able to do what we do when others can’t. I won’t give away the secrets, but I can assure you that our methods are sound and compliant with Google (and they work!). You won’t find me blogging here about SEO methodologies – there are many other places where you can find that – but I will share news about my company and give you some perspective on what it’s like to work in a start-up. For starters, I love working for SEP Connect because I’ve always loved building things, solving problems that haven’t been solved yet. SEP Connect provides me that opportunity. And, we have a great group of people. That goes a long way in coming to work every day.

The second topic is beer. Like Homer Simpson, I am a sucker for the “sweet, tasty beer”. I drink it and I brew it. I love pale ales, especially IPAs. My favorite beer is Surly Furious. As a native Marylander, I am also a big fan of Flying Dog and the pride of Maryland, National Bohemian (O’s and Boh’s!). And then there is Guinness, the beer that started it all for me. But, I am open to and also like to try all sorts of hand crafted beers. I have even been known to drink Budweiser on the 4th of July. The most unusual beers I have brewed are an Olive Wheat and Cucumber Ale. I will sometimes share with you things I find interesting about beer. Hmmm….beer.

The third topic is running. I am an accomplished accidental runner. About 7 years ago, my wife tricked me into a morning run with a friend of mine and I haven’t looked back. I am currently training for the Baltimore Marathon. This will be my second marathon, having run the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010. My goal is to beat my time of 4:53:17. I know it’s not great, but I finished. And I also walked the last three miles with my brother, who later said he wouldn’t have finished without me. So I feel like I accomplished a lot in that race, but I still have a good race in front of me. My favorite race is the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in Washington, DC. I have run that race 4 years in a row. Run it if you can. The sites are worth it.

Finally, I blog/tweet/post about sports. I love sports and generally follow the DC teams (Redskins/Capitals/Nationals) as well as the Terrapins and Wolverines. Along my journey I also adopted the Minnesota Twins and Baltimore Orioles. I will admit that I am just not an NBA fan. Things are trending positive on the DC sports scene. All three of my teams have star athletes (RGIII, Ovechkin, Strasburg, Harper) that could lead them to a Championship. And, one of these days, one of my teams will break through and win a Championship. I just know it. Until then, I will watch and wait and cheer my teams on to victory, even when they lose.

Thank you for following me and joining me on this journey.