Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Touchdown Jesus

There are few venues in sports that are as instantly recognized as Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, IN. It is known as much for the mural of Jesus that rises over the north end zone as it is for the Irish’s conquests on the gridiron. This past week, I ventured out on my first road trip to this storied stadium. It was the first Notre Dame-Michigan game that I attended. The series was on hiatus during my two years of business school at Michigan. While the outcome was not what I had hoped, I had a great experience. The game was decided mainly on Michigan’s inability to hold onto the football with three unforced turnovers leading to 21 Irish points. The day was made more epic in the second half as the rain began and the intensity picked up throughout the half. Ironically, it seemed to rain hardest when Michigan had the ball.

I was impressed with the Irish fans. While they were spirited and supportive of their team, they were also much more polite and respectful than fans I’ve met from other schools. And this comes from someone sitting next to the student section. I only wish Charlie Weiss, the Irish coach, could have conducted himself with such class. True to the ways of his mentor, Bill Belichek, Charlie ordered a pass to the end zone on a fourth and two with an 18 point lead and no time for a Michigan comeback. These are the types of plays that will come back to haunt you in sports.

Finally, check out the pictures from our trip. It’s not much, but its proof we were there. Enjoy.


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