Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Good Weeks Undone

Training for a race is hard work. It’s commitment. And for two weeks, I was committed. I ran, I cross-trained, I lifted weights. And my training times showed positive results. I was running faster than I ever had before – and I felt great! But all that came undone when the little things that get in every runner’s way got in my way. For the last two weeks my training has suffered and I’m just not getting in the reps that I did for the first two weeks. Yes, my miles are up. Last week, I ran 19.8 miles, the most I’ve run in any one week since training started for this race. I also ran my farthest distance, an 8 mile run in the cold, wind and snow. But, my legs are more tired after training and I’m not running nearly as fast as I was. I haven’t lifted weights or cross-trained in two weeks and I’ve started to miss work outs. I need to rededicate myself and find ways to get in the reps. In my head, I’m still there, far ahead of where I've ever been in training and poised for another PR come April 1st. I just hope I can sustain it for another six weeks.

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