Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Beer Run

The best thing about today’s post is that it’s about beer AND running. This past week, the 536 Run Club added a new element to its training program. We call it “The Beer Run”. The brilliance of The Beer Run lies in its simplicity, combining our love of running with Friday Happy Hour.

This past week, we started our Friday run at 4:36pm with a carefully planned route beginning on Clarendon Place and ending 3.5 miles later at Cole’s (we thrive on precision in the 536 Run Club). It was also a great day to run and test out the program with temps reaching 50 degrees. Not bad for Buffalo in early March. The first 1.5 miles along Delaware went swimmingly, but as we reached the half way point, turned onto Elmwood and set our sights on Cole’s , the hecklers came out. That’s right, heckling, mostly from young bar goers catching a cigarette while downing a pint or two at one of the many establishments along Elmwood Avenue. But there were also a fair amount of patrons at Cole’s surprised to see a couple of guys walk through the door in their running gear.

Overall the run was a success. We persevered through 3.5 miles in 31 minutes, then topped it off with a Sixpoint Bengali Tiger and Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. Many of my running friends understand the undeniable pleasure of a beer after a run, and to you, cheers. For those who don’t, I still love you. But I also love to run and to drink beer. So, for now, I’ll take the run and the jeers. And I’ll see you next Friday at Cole’s.

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