Monday, January 23, 2012

The Training Begins

Happy Monday! Today begins my training program for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom. Last week was the last week of base building and I'm pretty happy with we're I'm at. I logged 14.1 miles last week, capped by an outside run around Delaware Park of 4.6 miles completed at ~9:20/mile pace. In the five weeks leading up to training day, I averaged 12.7 miles per week with frequency and intensity building up through last week where the average pace per mile was ~9:40/mile. The most miles I ran in one week was 16.2 miles completed 2 weeks ago.

Today's run was an aerobic building run of 4 miles completed in 4o minutes on the treadmill. Tomorrow, I'm hoping the weather holds out for the 536 Run Club.

I double checked my time from last year and I completed the race in 1:28:25. I guess I'm faster in my own mind! Therefore, I am setting a more modest goal this year at 1:25:00, an average pace of 8:30/mile.

I also signed up for and am running the Penguin Run supporting Cradle Beach (, a camp in Western New York for children with disabilities. Join me in supporting this worthy cause!

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