Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fast Food Delivered

I recently came across an interesting website for a company that is as unique for its business idea as it is for its approach to customers and employees.

Borders Food Companies, located in Golden Valley, MN, is a franchisee of multiple fast food concepts that target a similar audience. These restaurants are bound together by an online ordering system and loyalty club (the Extra Cravings Club). I love how they are leveraging across the properties to create a unique experience and drive loyalty for their locations vs. other franchisee locations. The approach is simple yet brilliant.

I also like their approach to their employees and consumers. I have not visited any of their restaurants, but based on the philosiphies espoused on their website, I can only imagine that the in-store experience is significantly different and better than most restaurants. It also sounds like a great place to work.

I will have to check out the customer experience sometime.

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